Free your mind and claim your power! Live present, sane and joyful – no mental health drugs necessary. YOU are the medicine and real healing is possible.


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Mental Freedom = feeling happy, sane and healthy without psychiatric drugs.​

The basic premise of our work together is that you are inherently perfect and healthy. Your body, mind and soul have the capacity to self-heal. In coaching we will activate and support your natural healing process.

All the wisdom + power needed to heal already exists inside of you.

Our sacred soul mission together is to find + claim your innate healing treasures. As your coach, I promise honor you, challenge you, support you and celebrate you on the most epic journey of your life!

Mental Freedom coaching might be a match when:

IMPORTANT: Working with me does NOT mean you need to go off your mental health drugs. 
It just means you’re ready to incorporate holistic healing into your life. I am not a doctor so I will not give you medical advice. This is life coaching!


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Amber Mental Health Rebels Founder

Video Version of Amber’s Story


Hi, I’m Amber Renee Cummings!

There are a lot of coaches out there. So what makes me different and uniquely qualified to offer mental freedom coaching? 

I have firsthand experience. I have lived the journey of going from mental health disaster to joyfully living mentally free.

Anorexia first landed me in a doctor’s office at the venerable age of 12. I was told I had inherited the family crazy and would need to be medicated for life. I believed I was broken so I lived the life of a crazy person.

I was an alcoholic and a smoker, had abusive disaster relationships, struggled with an eating disorder, had hyperventilating panic attacks, was in and out of the hospital and miraculously survived two suicide attempts. I understand what deep mental and emotional suffering feels like. 

It was after my second suicide attempt, at age 34, that I thought:

these drugs are obviously not working! All of my worst mental health meltdowns have happened while heavily medicated! My heart said there just has to be another way. 

Yoga was my healing gateway. It taught me to breathe, it helped me to connect to my body and regulate my nervous system.

It was in a yoga class that the message of self-love finally stuck and I vowed to start taking care of my own self. That moment changed my whole life! I began swapping happy hour for the gym. I began contemplating what I actually wanted and needed out of life instead of just following my societal programing. 

Eventually I quit the corporate job I hated and went off to search the world for healing. I began chanting mantras in Bali. I took a yearlong intensive shamanism course and learned to face my shadow in Mexico City. That’s where I stayed, and that’s when I was finally strong enough to detox off my own cocktail of drugs. 

When I did psych drug detox I had been taking Klonopin, a Benzodiazepine tranquilizer, daily for 18 years. I was also on Lamictal, a mood stabilizer + Wellbutrin, an antidepressant.

I did NOT do detox smart. I went off my drugs way too fast and experienced severe withdrawal symptoms. My bones hurt, I was critically dizzy, I didn’t have my period for months. And you know what? I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Getting off drugs FREED ME! That said, I do not want your detox to be as awful as mine, and it 100% doesn’t have to be. 

The pain of my own mental freedom process has been a major motivator for starting this company.

I want you to go through this process supported in a loving container. I want to teach you all the things I had to learn the hard way so you don’t have to wander all over the world looking for answers! I want you to work with a doctor so that you get good taper advice and don’t have awful physical withdrawal pain.

I want you to have someone to talk to who GETS IT. 

Since my drug detox I have continued to grow strong! It was tragedy that showed me that I am truly healed.

Because that’s the test. It’s easy to be luminous when life gives you roses. It’s when the shit hits the fan that you see what you’re really made of. 

I had a very difficult pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage. My partner left me three days later. It was a LOT of loss all at once and I was devastated. There is an old version of Amber who would have crumbled. But I am NOT that version of Amber anymore! I saw a completely new side of myself emerge. 

I leaned into loss instead of fighting life. I practiced every damn thing I preach.

I gave myself time to grieve, I sat in the void. I moved my body, I meditated, chanted, prayed, breathed, tapped and communed with the divine. As a result, I managed to weather that storm and emerge more powerful. Instead of having tragedy break me, it opened my heart, illuminated my mind and fortified my life’s purpose. 

I want this for you too. I want you to be able to do life sane, present and joyful. I want you to be able to weather whatever comes your way with grace and strength!

We cannot control the universe, but we can control what we choose to do with the package life hands us. Let’s figure out how you can live YOUR personal package in the most flowing, magical, maximum enjoyment way possible! THAT is what we do together in coaching.

The easiest way to get to know me is by having a conversation…

Say yes to a completely free no-obligation consultation with me. You’ll know in 20 minutes if you want to work with me (or not)!

BOOK IT NOW! Because the sooner you get started on your own healing journey, the sooner you will be reaping the deeply delicious benefits of living mentally free. I can’t wait to talk to you soon, brave rebel hero! Let’s do this!!  XOXO, Amber

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Or keep reading to learn what we do in coaching:

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Your coaching sessions are 100% tailored to you and your unique personal situation. 

We’re not going to sit and talk every session. Some days that is healthy, but all talk keeps you in the mental realm. I’m passionate about bringing healing into the body to move your energy with intention. In our sessions, we PRACTICE together. 

After studying yoga, shamanism and transpersonal therapy, I frequently bring spiritual + energy work practices into our sessions. We’re going to go deep because transformation requires subconscious reprograming. Read more about my coach credentials here >

By offering you full presence I can intuitively identify what is needed each session. We might go on a shamanic vision quest, practice breathwork techniques or do an inner child exercise. You might get an impromptu lesson on astrology, mythology or chakras. I might even sing you mantras 😉 My Gemini moon promises to keep it interesting + fun! 

You’ll frequently have homework that involves energy work practices, journaling and reflection on growth topics. If you make a commitment towards a goal, I’ll keep you accountable. 

Of course I’ve got specialties! Here are some things we might focus on together:

Mindset Makeover

Energy Work

Joyful Living

Freedom From Drugs

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Coaching before, during and after the


If you are considering mental health drug detox, I say to you: WOO! This is a big, brave, exciting move that will quantum leap your personal development. I’d love to be part of your support team to help make it happen. 

However I am NOT A DOCTOR so legally I cannot give any medical advice. It's recommended to also have a licensed medical practitioner who can prescribe + dose drugs on your detox team.

Alright, so why do you need me then?  Great question 😉  Here are ways I’ll help:

Sure it can be hard, but there’s an upside: your brain chemistry is changing and it’s a BIG OPPORTUNITY. You can choose to use this process to rewire your brain and reprogram yourself to be your best manifestation; a person with a regulated nervous system who deals with life’s challenges with grace. You can use this opportunity to evolve into your most potent, powerful self!

Going through detox can feel like you have to walk through the fire to get to mental freedom. That’s why this is a rebel hero’s path! We all know that the strongest steel is forged in the fire. You can do this, and it’s so worth it. I’d love to accompany you to witness, support and celebrate your success. 

If you’re interested, let’s talk about it! Click to fill out a quick intake survey and claim your completely FREE no-obligation consult NOW:

Or keep reading to see pricing below:

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Amber Cummings big smile Mental Health Rebels
Amber Cummings big smile Mental Health Rebels

Ready? LEt's Go!

Options to work with me + prices👇🏻

Single Session

A focused session to help breakthrough your current greatest challenge: that block, that heartache, that burning desire. Together we’ll move the energy to get your frustrations into flow.

The Flame ️‍🔥 Single Breakthrough Session

Single 90 min mental freedom breakthrough session: $145

On a healing journey the person who REALLY does the work is YOU… but a help injection can be truly impactful! This is for the independent hero who wants a boost 💥

In this session:

  • We’ll talk about where you’re most struggling when it comes to achieving your personal growth goals.
  • Then we’ll formulate an action plan that ensures you invest your energy in the most potent, powerful ways to see results!
  • I always assign energy work practices you can apply to your personal daily practice or use as coping techniques.
  • If you are considering / tackling psych drug detox you’ll get my non-doctor layperson perspective for how to logistically deal with taper + ride the wave of withdrawal side effects.

Beware – I was a project manager for over 11 years so I’m a total pro at brewing up how-to plans! You will absolutely walk away with new ideas and an actionable to-do list.

Living YOUR life is the great project you came to this earth to tackle. So how can you do it in more alignment, with more ease, savoring the deepest magic? Let’s figure it out together in this single breakthrough session.

BUY NOW for $145

The Cosmos 🪐 Astrology-Informed Session

Single 90 min astrology-informed mental freedom session: $160

Understanding your astro make-up + your current planetary energies is like receiving a treasure map to navigate your personal ocean of emotion. We are all intrinsically synced up to the sky and our life experience ebbs and flows in tandem with great galactic cycles. Which ones are you experiencing now? What help can you call on from the cosmos?

In this session:

  • We’ll talk about where you’re most struggling when it comes to achieving your personal growth goals.
  • We’ll do a birth chart overview to discover the blessings, challenges, lessons and purpose you came to this life to experience.
  • We’ll look into your current transits to understand what energy you’re navigating right now. You might discover you have opportunities coming up. Or if there are challenges looming, we can equip you to surf them with grace.
  • If you are experiencing mental health struggles, we can consult the planets to understand how you’re getting squeezed and where there are windows of help + hope.
  • Leaning into these insights, we’ll craft you an action plan for growth and expansion. I’ll suggest aligned energy work techniques you can use in your daily practice or in crisis moments.

How it works: You’ll send me your birth chart info when you book the session and I’ll spend some time investigating before we speak. After the call, you’ll get a PDF of your birth chart paired with my highlight notes. If you choose to do follow-up sessions, we can regularly consult your chart and transits for cosmic guidance.

BUY NOW for $160

Coaching Containers

Regular sessions and a commitment to your growth!
With coaching containers you also receive text + voicemail support Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm CST (I’ll answer all messages ASAP, max within 24 hours).

The River 💦 3 month Intensive

3 months = 9 sessions for $855
Intensive mental freedom coaching container

The most high-touch option:

  • Meet three weeks in a row
  • One week off for integration
  • Three month commitment

Let’s set your limitations on fire and transmute your shadows into freedom! Expect major life goal gains – this is a leap into your healing journey.

Sessions are 60 minutes long conducted via Google Meet. 

Price: One payment of $855
(you’ll be paying $95 per session, which means you save $135 off full price)

START NOW with your free consultation

The Mountain ⛰️ 6 month Bi-weekly

6 months 12 sessions for $1,080
Bi-weekly mental freedom coaching container

We’ll meet every other week for six months. This can be a great pace when you know growth is a long-game endeavor and you want to take your time + go deep. 

We’re going to embark on a mindset makeover, a foundation revamp, expansion gained by putting in the work and doing energy work practices day in and day out. Expect diamonds in the dark, the lily emerging from the mud, the butterfly breaking open the cocoon = lasting transformation.

I often recommend this option when we are doing coaching to support mental health drug detox since it’s a patience project. 

Sessions are 60 minutes long conducted via Google Meet. 

One payment of $1,080
(You’ll be paying $90 per session, which means you save $240 off full price)

START NOW with your free consultation

Ongoing Coaching

60-minute sessions conducted via Google Meet. Enjoy discounts when you buy multiple sessions!

Coaching en Español

También hablo Español 🤩

Reservo 3 espacios cada año para Mexicanos a precios mas accesibles para el mercado local. Reclama tu consultación gratis y háblame de tu situación.

SI es una option hacer sesiones presenciales en Tepoztlán!

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Once you’ve paid, I’ll reach out to get your session booked and on the calendar ASAP! 🙌 

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Once you’ve paid, I’ll reach out to get your session booked and on the calendar ASAP! 🙌 

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